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Statistics cite that about 90% of women love receiving oral sex with about 65% reporting that they can achieve an orgasm from the experience. So, here are some tips for those new to performing cunnilingus that are sure to get things started off on the right track to have a successful sexy time.

What NOT to Do When Performing Cunnilingus
Don’t just dive in there without warming her up with a bit of kissing and foreplay.
Don’t go at her vagina with no sense of direction, routine, rhyme or reason.
Don’t flail around blindly to show off your lack of technique.
Don’t just swipe and flit about all over the place like your tongue is having a seizure.
Doing any of these are likely to transition quickly into an epic fail that will turn her off to the experience—and perhaps even to you! After all, the goal is to give the lady an orgasm, and these no-no’s aren’t the key to success.

Cunnilingus Tips and Techniques for Beginners
The first step to being a carpet munching master is to identify the clitoris (go ahead and look at a chart online). Become familiar with the hood that covers it, the labia majora and minora and other folds and such that create the beauty of the vagina. There are many tried and true techniques and routines that seasoned ‘eaters’ use, but here we’ll stick with the basics that any beginner will benefit from.

Begin slowly, gently and use the tip of your tongue light as a feather because this helps build her up for a bit of extra action later on.
Focus your attention on the clitoral hood initially (just above the clit).
Move your tongue in small circles, taking care to avoid the clitoris for now.
Why avoid the clit? It’s generally the most sensitive area, and some women feel overwhelmed by it being ‘activated’ too soon during cunnilingus.
Gently suckle and kiss all around the vagina and thighs every once and awhile, and use your hands for some nipple stimulation.
Slowly lick up and down the labia majora and minora with surprising swoops back around to the clitoral hood with a slight touch or two on the clitoris itself.
Don’t forget about a little bit of finger play, which can really throw her senses over the top to achieve orgasm.
Trying these techniques out gives you a head start, but most importantly—listen to her response and feel how she moves as you test each one out. She’ll likely let you know what’s most effective, because her body will tell you what you need to know concerning satisfaction levels, so pay attention and enjoy!

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